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Mary and Jesus

Pope John Paul II

Blessed Mother Teresa

Welcome to Our Lady's Missionaries of the Eucharist


Our Lady’s Missionaries of the Eucharist invite you to come to Fatima!
August 8-15, 2017

Our Lady's Missionaries of the Eucharist is a Public Association of Christ's Faithful dedicated to helping Catholic men and women, married and single, parents and professionals develop and deepen their spiritual life.

We are formed in a Eucharistic and Marian charism. Through the grace of our charism, we desire and strive to grow in holiness by attentive presence to the Holy Spirit who labors within us to have every aspect of our lives, our very being, centered entirely on the Eucharist, and who is ever at work within our hearts, teaching us how to live the Eucharist in Mary's spirit of praise, sacrifice and love.

Attentiveness to our own need for ongoing conversion and spiritual formation fosters in us a desire to give answer to the call of our Pope Emeritis, Benedict XVI, for a mature laity, identified with the Church and sensitive to the complex transformations taking place in our world. We seek to be authentic witnesses to Jesus Christ and to have as our highest priority to make God visible in the world and to manifest without fear the signs of faith, so that the light of Christ shines in the world in which we live.

Pope Benedict XVI, May 13, 2010

"The Church needs above all great currents, movements and witnesses of holiness among the Christian faithful because it is from holiness that is born every authentic renewal of the Church and all intelligent enrichment of the faith and of the Christian life."

Blessed John Paul II, November 18, 1985

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